Sustainable Six Sigma Certification

This course is an introduction to Six Sigma that gives full treatment to a method that organizes an operational improvement project into five components: define, measure, analyze, implement and control (DMAIC). Similar to a scientific research project, students will learn the Six Sigma process and how to use measures and statistics to make the right decisions to improve the […]

Big Data

Evolving technologies in the energy and utilities industry, including smart systems, can provide facilities with unprecedented capabilities for forecasting demand, shaping usage patterns, preventing failures, optimizing systems performance and reporting. These advances also generate unprecedented data volume, speed and complexity. To manage and use this information to gain useful insight, facilities personnel and utility operators […]

Sustainable Lean Systems

This course is an introduction to lean concepts, technologies and practices. Emphasis is places on the long term reduction and elimination of the 8 primary sources of waste, a sustained reduction in operating costs, efficiency and continuous improvement with long term results. Each learner completes a Lean project that has significant and sustained results, compose […]

Sustainable Business and Industry

This foundational course is an introduction to funding, developing and implementing a successful business initiative in the domain of sustainability. The importance of building business value while improving environmental and social outcomes over the long run is a running theme throughout the course. The student is introduced to methods of implementing technologies and practices and […]

Intelligent Lighting Systems

This is an eight week accelerated course. Intelligent Lighting Systems is a course set up to provide information on cutting edge lighting technology and controls. There is a review of lighting concepts followed by an IES (Illuminating Engineers Society) controls course, discussion on controls and protocols, and hands on programming / adjustment of existing lighting […]

Power Engineering

This class is for the advanced boiler operator. Students will be required to use formulas to calculate boiler efficiencies, drum bursting pressures, and maximum allowable working pressure for vessels and boilers. Steam turbines and related equipment are studied in detail in this class. A thorough understanding of power plant systems involving high pressure steam, combustion […]

Distributed Generation with Combined Heat and Power

The presentations, given by experienced faculty on all the subjects involved, are complemented by discussion sessions and hands on lab demonstrations. The course will progressively build up the   learner’s understanding of the prime movers, steam plant, and the thermodynamic principles of CHP. A key aspect of the course will be the methods of performance evaluation […]

Energy Management

This course covers a wide range of topics such as: energy management system operations and maintenance, start/stop, scheduling, overriding, critical alarms and introductory troubleshooting. Electronics, pneumatics, PID loops, digital and analog signals and a wide variety of stand-alone programmers and controllers are covered. The final topics are writing a sequence of operations, Boolean commands and […]

The mission of the Energy Innovation Center is to contribute to socially responsible workforce development, foster energy and sustainable technology advancement, and assist in job creation through a commitment to diversity, innovation and comprehensive education.

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