This course examines commissioning (Cx) of existing buildings. The course covers the different forms of existing building Cx,     selecting buildings that are good candidates for Cx, project goals, establishing client operating requirements, investigating systems and performance, Cx report, systems manuals, functional performance testing, along with hands on advanced techniques such as DDC trend logging of […]

Industrial & Commercial Energy Auditing

This course considers commercial and industrial energy audits. The course illustrates how to both understand and analyze utility billing data, how to conduct an energy audit and what information to obtain during a walk through energy audit, how to determine energy use of specific equipment, how to stratify where energy in a building is being […]

Residential Energy Auditing

This course is an introductory overview of how to perform a residential energy audit. Topics covered are utility bills, electric, gas and water meter reading, thermography, weather stripping,   caulking, insulation, doors and windows, roofing systems, blower tests, and other tools and measures associated with residential buildings. As final topics, energy pricing structures and return on […]

Leed Green Associate

This course introduces students to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems and core concepts of green design, construction, and operations while preparing students for success on the LEED Green Associate Certification Exam. The LEED Green Associate is the least technical of LEED accreditations; it can serve as a stand-alone credential or […]

Reporting and Presenting Sustainable Systems Performance

This course is designed to help the learner to measure and report quantitative operational performance. Basic mathematical calculations and spreadsheet management are covered. Topics include spreadsheets, descriptive statistics, EMS data mining, standardized methods of data collection, methods of displaying data, reporting results and presenting information. Energy, water, materials, waste streams and other sustainability measures are […]

Tools, Instruments and Measures

This course, as the title suggests, is comprised of hands on training experiences. The beginning of every session is concerned with safety. After the safety section of the lesson, there is vocabulary review and preview followed by demonstration and ending with the learner working with the tool, instrument or measure with instructor feedback. This classic […]

Introduction to Green Technologies and Practices

This course has fourteen lessons based upon Green Mechanical Systems: Awareness of Fundamental and Emerging Green Technologies by Korcal, Pacella and Hohman (2008). The course provides an introductory overview of energy relative equipment and systems. Each lesson is divided into two sections, an occupational component and a supporting pre occupational component. The lessons are in […]

Developmental Mathematics

Students enrolled in college in engineering technology and related programs often do not have the ability to succeed mathematically in a university level calculus course, either because they lack the content background or they are not prepared for the rigor of a university level mathematics course. This course is designed to assist students in overcoming […]

The mission of the Energy Innovation Center is to contribute to socially responsible workforce development, foster energy and sustainable technology advancement, and assist in job creation through a commitment to diversity, innovation and comprehensive education.

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