Distributed Generation with Combined Heat and Power

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Energy Technology

The presentations, given by experienced faculty on all the subjects involved, are complemented by discussion sessions and hands on lab demonstrations. The course will progressively build up the   learner’s understanding of the prime movers, steam plant, and the thermodynamic principles of CHP. A key aspect of the course will be the methods of performance evaluation and energy demand analysis, from which is derived the financial evaluation of the CHP proposal. This course will provide learners’ with the knowledge to develop a CHP proposal with sound business case, as well as   operate and maintain a variety of DG/CHP systems. Course topics include:

  • Gas turbines a prime mover for CHP
  • Diesels as prime mover for CHP
  • CHP Market conditions & economics
  • Embedded/distributed generation
  • CHP performance evaluation
  • CHP economic evaluation
  • Selection of equipment
  • Steam plant/boilers
  • De-regulated electricity markets
  • Combustors and emissions
  • Data collection for CHP planning
  • CHP case studies
  • CHP applied to a large hospital
  • CHP in practice
  • Future opportunities
  • Demonstrations


The mission of the Energy Innovation Center is to contribute to socially responsible workforce development, foster energy and sustainable technology advancement, and assist in job creation through a commitment to diversity, innovation and comprehensive education.

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