Energy Safety Passport (ESP)

June 6, 2016
4 Hours


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Energy Services

The Energy Safety Passport (ESP) course was designed to become the standardized Appalachian Basin GO safety and environment awareness program for all producers, service partners, contractors, and subs working in the region.

Last June, at the invitation of the founding partners of CSSD, the Energy Innovation Center (“EIC”) was asked to work in a collaborative effort with their Health Safety and Environment professionals to build a foundational document that would satisfy the rigorous safety orientation requirements of the basin in an effective and standardized way.  By combining the foundational HSE document with ‘Best-in-Class’ blended learning rubrics, a course, unlike any others currently offered, was created.  The course is based on the best available safety practices in the industry and region and the unique delivery is designed to increase comprehension and retention effectiveness in the diverse learning, reading, and language skills commonly found in workers in the basin.

The ESP course is not intended to be an exhaustive deep dive into the safety requirements of all activities on a location, but rather a detailed overview of what everyone must be aware of, how to avoid incidents of all types, what to do if they occur, and to standardize the training across the entire workforce in the region.  This course is expected to reduce all types of safety and environmental incidents because all basin workers will have the same effective and standardized safety awareness training.

The ESP will roll out formally in early May and is expected to ramp up over the next several months eventually becoming first accepted and then required training to gain access to Appalachian Basin locations. The goal is to further reduce accidents and incidents and deepen the basins’ culture of safety and performance excellence in an effective, standardized, and best-in-class way.


The mission of the Energy Innovation Center is to contribute to socially responsible workforce development, foster energy and sustainable technology advancement, and assist in job creation through a commitment to diversity, innovation and comprehensive education.

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