BIG DATA IN ENERGY: What is it? Where do I get it? How do I use it?

Evolving technologies in the facilities, energy and utilities industries, including smart systems, maintenance management systems, asset management systems, real-time data acquisition systems, fire life and safety systems, alternative energy systems, personnel management systems, space planning systems and many more provides facility operators with unprecedented capabilities for forecasting demand, shaping usage patterns, preventing failures as well as optimizing personnel and automated systems.

Big data can also be used for presenting and reporting on performance indicators, identifying primary mediators of key performance indicators and sound return on investment decision making. However, these advances also generate unprecedented data volume, speed and complexity.

To manage and use this information to gain useful insight, facilities and utility operators must be capable of high-volume data management and advanced analytics designed to transform data into actuation and intelligence. For example, designing effective demand response programs requires that utilities execute advanced analytics across a combination of data about facilities, consumption, physical grid behavior, internal and external generation capacity, energy commodity markets and weather.

This course examines facilities requirements, technical challenges and solutions for a variety of data-driven decision-making and planning imperatives which facility personnel must understand and act upon.

Course Presenter: Joseph J. Jacobsen, Ph.D., Executive Director of Academic Programs

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