Bayer Material Science LLC joins the EIC

Bayer Material Sciences leads a group of independent manufacturers and service providers that represent ecologically sound building materials. This Group is the “Eco-Commercial Building Network”

There are currently 23 Eco Group Corporate Members including Eaton, Johnson Controls, Burns & Scalo, Bayer, Kingspan and Carnegie-Mellon University.  It is the intention of Bayer Materials Science and Pittsburgh Gateways to involve the majority of these Corporations and Institutions to infuse their products and services into the Energy Innovation Center. Included in the initial seven year Agreement are the following objectives:

– Establish a Founding Partners Program

– Develop Exhibits and Training Facilities

– Deploy Eco-Commercial Network Energy Solutions to deploy state-of-the-art technologies into the operation and training functions of the EIC

– Create EIC high-profile tours that promote products, identify career opportunities and educate the business community and residents on sustainable solutions to energy management and conservation

Pittsburgh Gateways and the Bayer Eco-Commercial Building Network are already deep into planning with Johnson Controls, Eaton and Burns and Scalo on projects that change the energy landscape in Pittsburgh. It is all about jobs…it is all about sustainable energy – these two objectives go hand-in-hand.